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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Freemasonic involvement in Northern Ireland police-sanctioned killings

Dr. J. A. T. Ovadje

22 January 2006

Mr. Tony Blair
Prime Minister of the U.K.
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 1AA

Dear Sir: The Police colluded with terrorists to murder people in Northern Ireland: there will be no prosecutions. Is freemasonry not involved?.

1. The ‘Today’ programme of the BBC Radio 4 (on Monday 22 January 2001) reported that the Police in Northern Ireland colluded with terrorists to murder people: the police granted the terrorists 007 status i.e. the license to kill. In this small investigation, the police-licensed terrorists killed fifteen people.

The terrorists (on both sides of the Northern Ireland divide) that murdered people were granted amnesty to achieve peace. Was amnesty granted for police-licensed killings? No.

2. In the same programme, when asked whether there will be any prosecutions, the Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain (a man I respect very much) stated ‘I can’t say that.’ Later, he concluded with some weasel words. Then the interviewer, Mr. James Naughtie confirmed that some of the police officers involved are still serving in the police force, no suspensions pending investigation, nothing. Clearly, they are the untouchables. In fact the police chief at the time (that the investigation stated must have known about the police-licensed killings) is now Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabularies.

3. Time and again, it is clear that the Police in the U.K. repeatedly kill, confident of the protection of freemasonry. Examples abound:
(a) The Metropolitan Police suffocated Mr. Ogboru to death, in London. Nothing happened. See Evening Standard of 28 September 2006 (page 6).
(b) The Metropolitan Police executed Mr.DeMenezes an unarmed man. In an underground train with people, an officer held him down whilst another shot him seven times, at close range: one shot he is dead, two shots he is more than dead. The extra five shots indicate malice. Till date not a word has been heard. Nothing has happened even to the police officers that forged the evidence in the logbook.
(c) The same Metropolitan Police collected blood money (bribes) to cover up the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence, and nothing has happened.

4. Whereas the press gladly report the names of our soldiers in Iraq (who have watched their colleagues die in a war zone) that are being tried for war crimes, in all the cases of police killings, nothing happens. There is glaring unequal treatment.

5. There is only one reason for this state of affairs. The police in the U.K are the hatchet men of freemasonry. In payment for satanic, masonic and fascist work, they have been (unlawfully) guaranteed complete immunity from the law and granted 007 status.

The Crown Prosecution Service is also an accomplice in the fascism. 48% of the Crown Prosecutors are freemasons. 20% Magistrates and 10% of Judges are freemasons. See parliaments own website for statistics at:

These institutions gang up, giving a new meaning to the phrase ‘orchestrated manoeuvres in the dark’ to commit judicial fraud on behalf of the freemasons, under the leadership of a prince, Prince Edward: even as the Bible states in Micah 7:3: that they may do evil with both hands earnestly, the prince asketh, and the judge asketh for a reward; and the great man, he uttereth his mischievous desire: so they wrap it up.

6. In all these cases cited, has there been any suspensions pending investigation? No. Are the name of the officers been known? No. There would have been fire and brimstone had any other professional group in the U.K. doctors, social workers, and teachers caused the death of any person especially even by slow torture of suffocation (Mr. Ogboru), outright execution (Mr. DeMenezes) or licensed-killing (Northern Ireland).

7. The police act with impudence and repeatedly kill because nothing will happen. In England and Wales, Police crimes are investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). The name ‘Independent’ is a clear misnomer, as the IPCC’s investigators are former policemen. Moreover, like the police, the IPCC is heavily laden with freemasons.

8. The press (controlled by freemasonry) is in collusion as well. They do not perform investigative reporting into these crimes and are content with mere reporting official bulletins. The grand scale collusion is reminiscent of Stalin’s Russia. Who dares to report freemasonic fascism and corruption in the U.K.? Except they want to end up in the gulag, either dead or destroyed.

9. Once again, I wish to state that the scenario is stifling in its rote:
-first the press (that is gagged by freemasonry) report (not truly investigate) perversion of justice in these institutions as in this news bulletin of the BBC’s ‘Today’ programme.
-after much hype, the issue is thrown into the cooler of the IPCC for ‘further investigation’ or Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) ‘for charges’: a process that will take more than a year,
-information is deliberately dribbled to the public on a Sunday or during the Middle East crises so as to dampen the effect, even as the IPCC (or CPS) warns of some bureaucratic constraints and a possible mild penalty (e.g. Health and Safety charges).
-before the final report, the press (that is gagged by freemasonry) repeat this mantra of lowered expectations so much that it becomes the true expectation.
-the IPCC or CPS finally dip their toes in the now-tepid water and release the final report that declares human life a health and safety issue. The day of release is carefully choreographed to coincide with the Police Commissioner’s holiday. The Commissioner ‘abandon’s his holiday and rushes back’ in a façade of seriousness that is deadening in its predictability.

10. Everything returns to ‘normal’ till for the next catastrophe; the Bible says like death, the wicked are never satisfied. But God is in control. In their wickedness, there is no peace, and they keep rolling from one crisis to the other, as the Bible has declared no peace for the wicked.

11. I believe that this fascism in Northern Ireland is linked to freemasonry (protection of the police in criminal activities) and its satanic, anti-democratic practices. In the parliament website (above) a police anti-crime unit was disbanded for masonic perversion of justice.
Sir, until the root cause, freemasonry and its fascism & corruption is uprooted, these incidents will continue; for the devil knows no physical boundaries.

12. At this stage, I must declare my interest. In Nigeria, the satanic cult the freemasons and its offshoot the pyrates confraternity, murdered Ejoke Ovadje, my beloved brother. They shot him in the carotid artery of his neck, just a stone throw from the court premises. He was a solicitor. His crime was to run for public office on an anti-corruption platform against the interests of members of these cults. The Nigerian Police (under the direction of these cults) refused to investigate and the Nigerian Atorney General lookd away.

On 23 April 2005 at Courtland Avenue, London U.K. (a freemasonic-planned day of evil i.e. 2-3-4-5, akin to 9-11 of al-Queda), a freemasonic-sponsored assailant battered me with more than forty blows, repeatedly bit me, threatened and almost killed me with a six-inch blade knife pressed against the carotid artery of my neck. Just like the Nigerian freemasons killed my brother. Like the Nigeria Police, the Metropolitan Police of London (the premier U.K. Police) refused to investigate. They even refused to ask for or search for the knife or take any evidence because it was a Saturday night.

13. On 19 April 2006, I went to the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police in London, New Scotland Yard. Like Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, the Police Officers kidnapped (falsely arrested) and imprisoned me for legally trying to serve them with the court papers of my legal claim.

Since then, the Court at the headquarters of the U.K. judiciary (the Strand) has been dribbling the issues of the case on behalf of freemasonry (the ruling cabal in the U.K.) just like the Zimbabwean Courts have dribbled issues on behalf of Mugabe’s ruling cabal.

14. Last week, Parliament (and Downing Street) debated ‘Big Brother’ and the mistakes of a young lady who was not very articulate in her emotions and speech, under the stress of living in a bubble. She gave the most genuinely apology I have ever seen on TV. Unfortunately, the same Parliament and Downing Street have shied away from freemasonry and its fascism, murders and corruption, comparable to banana republics.

15. Sir, in the twilight of your premiership, please tackle this freemasonic rot. Sir, you can be part of God’s plan.

Many thanks. God bless you. Sincerely,

J. A. T. Ovadje (Dr.)
140 ST. MARY’S ROAD • ilford • IG1 1QY

Letter to Mr. Blair: Fascism in the U.K.: blockage of my e-mail, seizure of my webpage.

Mr. Tony Blair
Prime Minister of the U.K.
10 Downing Street,
London SW1A

Dear Sir: Fascism in the U.K.: blockage of my e-mail, seizure of my webpage.

1 .I would like to draw your attention to the following the follwing developments in the United Kingdom, a supposedly democratic country. I believe this represents a test for the nation and for your good self, Sir.

2. You are already aware that I have suffered repeated judicial fraud on behalf of freemasonry. The Bible has already spoken in Micah 7:3 on judicial corruption even on behalf of the freemasons headed by the prince, Prince Edward): That they may do evil with both hands earnestly, the Prince asketh, and the judge asketh for a reward; and the great man, he uttereth his mischievous desire: so they wrap it up.

Unfortunately, 48% of the CPS lawyers, 20% of magistrates and 10% of judges are freemasons. The police is riddled with freemasonry and are the executioners of freemasonry even as a police anti-crime squad was disbanded for widespead criminal, masonic perversion of justice. To confirm these statistics, please see:

I believe these figures are clearly incompatible with the rule of law and the law of God.The then Home Secretary Jack Straw out of concern about masonic judicial fraud said new judges should declare membership of freemasonry, see:

It is my opinion that if 48% of Italian prosecutors belonged to the mafia, or ten% of judges in China belonged to the Communist Party, the U.K. and your good self Sir, would have cried foul at the G8, UN, EU etc. When it is freemasonry in the UK., everyone averts their eyes. in denial; see no evil, hear no evil.

3. Following repeated intstances of judicial fraud, I wrote to Lord Chief Justice Phillips. (see letter attached). I mentioned that I intended to set up a website that focused entirely on freemasonic judicial fraud in the U.K. That frightened the devil, so much so that like communist China, my e-mail has been blocked from virtually all government and public institutions in the U.K. These are e-mails sent to one recipient at a time (not multiple recipients or spam).

My mails to the Cabinet Office, Deputy Prime Minister, Home Office and very sadly the Department of Constitutional Affairs etc are all returned undelivered. I cannot send e-mail to the intellectuals in the universities in this country as the academic network (.ac) has been blocked all my emails. The U.K. intellectuals are obviously being censored just like in Stalinist Russia.

4. My web page on in which I detailed all the judicial fraud suddenly disappeared!

My e-mails to the U.K. press (even to Michael Portillo a former Minister in his Sunday times column) are blocked. My letters to the BBC and newspapers are never acknowledged or commented on. Evidently, the U.K. press has been muzzled by the fascist, corrupt and murderous satanic cult, freemasonry. Like in Stalinist Russia, a masonic filter throws anything I write relating to freemasonry and its corruption of the system to the dogs. I wonder why we claim to be a free country with a free press and sermonise at countries like Iran!

5. Clearly, these satanic acts are out of fear, as nobody would bother to block truth except he is afraid, afraid of God; the Bible says ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Fear is of the devil, see 2 Tim 1:7: for God has not given us the spirit of fear but of; but of power and of love and of a sound mind. The fear confirms that firstly, all power belongs to God and every knee must bow at the mention of the Name of Jesus. Truly the pen is mightier than the sword (or other masonic weapon including the gun they used to kill my brother and the knife they planned to use to slay me at Ilford on 2-3-4-5 ie. 23 April 2005).

6. It is really a shame that this is happening in the U.K. the country that gave the world the Magna Carta and Common Law; especially as the freemasons is headed by royalty.

At the end of the day, the Bible states: for we wrestle not aganst flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers,against rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. So the enemy is not the human being (freemasons) but satan and its demons that use freemasons to try to achieve its evil purpose for the world. On the deceit of freemasonry in recruitment by false promises, see 2 Peter 2:19: while they promise liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.

7. Sir, can you please confirm that we live in a democracy. Sir, do you think these acts are compatible with the rule of law and the Human Rights Act 1998? The freemasons continue to repeat these crimes even murder, and present it as a joke, and as fun; the Bible say like death, the wicked are never satisfied. In the end, the Name of the Lord and only His Name will be glorified.

Freemasonry is of the same demonic origin as apartheid and slavery, an institution that believes in superiority over other human beings (created by the same God) who can be killed or deprived of their fundamental human rights, and is concerned ultimately with percuniary gain for the ‘select few’. In the end, apartheid and slavery disppeared from the horizon, not by violence but by God’s Grace and mercy on the captives.
Like slavery and apartheid, freemasonry will suffer the same fate and disappear from the horizon

8. Sir, I believe it is time to stand up for what we claim we believe. If we still believe that God created the U.K., even as our anthem is ‘God save the Queen’ and if we still believe that we have noble principles and values including the freedom of man, the Human Rights Act 1998 (including all the freedom of expression, asssociation etc), British values, then we should stand by those principles. If not, let us openly abandon those principles and acknowledge that we live in a dictatorship.

Presently, there is only an illusion of freedom and anyone who bothers to look closely can see it.. Sir, freemasonry is the real meat, Anti-social Behaviour Orders (ASBO) and single parents are easy prey.

I would appreciate your action on these matters. Many thanks. God bless you.

J. A. T. Ovadje (Dr.)

140 ST. Mary’s Road • ILford • IG1 1QY

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