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Friday, June 10, 2005

Action of the police since. Meaning no action.

Metropolitan Police U.K. :

Action of the police since the assault and battery in April 2005

The police never treated me like a victim. There was has been no contact since I was threatened with death and severely beaten by the assailant. My letters have been in vain. I wrote to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner twice by delivery recorded. I did not get a reply. There is no evidence that the police commissioner told his officers to sit up and investigate thecase properly.

I do not know how far or in fact if anything, is being done to prosecute the assailant. I do not know about the witnesses who urged on and incited the assailant that night. From all indications, nothing is being done else they would have told me, afterall the case will not be charged to court without the victim's knmowledge or evidence.

In the afternoon of Wednesday, four days after the battery in April 2005, two detectives came to my house. They were not uniformed and on my enquiry said they had no car.
One of the detectives looked at my room and said "you can clean your room now". When I asked why it was not photographed since the last Saturday, surely four days was enough to get a camera, he replied "I do not know about that" and they walked off.

I believe it is certainly not true in the 21st century that a detective in Britain would say he does not know about photographing evidence. I certainly cannot see a good reason why a detective would ask me to destroy evidence.

I believe it was a deliberate attempt by the detective to give me false directions and that it is fraudulent in intent. This is certainly an offence within and contrary to the Police Code of Conduct see Reg 3 SI 645 of 2004 and other statutes.

Since April till date, I have not heard from the police. There was no referral to victim support, no update on the case, no photographing of the evidence (which is still awaiting their camera as I write).

I have involved other instuitutions that are dragging theit feet. I personally delivered two letters to the Attorney General but unfortunately, there has been no action from his position.

You think secret cults are harmless? Well, wait till you see how they steal, kill and destroy everything in sight and pervert the whole system.


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